joi, 28 aprilie 2016


către mine
Dear Odorica,
With one week to go until the elections on May 5th, I've been busy campaigning and supporting our candidates right across the United Kingdom. With local elections, Police and Crime Commissioner elections, elections to the Northern Ireland, Welsh and London Assemblies and Scottish Parliament, we are aiming and on course to breakthrough right across the UK.
Thanks to all of your hard work, UKIP is now polling at a record high 20% nationally in the latest YouGov poll. This includes 31% of all working class voters backing UKIP.
Keep going, do all you can and speak to everyone you know and urge them to vote UKIP on May 5th. By electing UKIP representatives across the country, we will build huge momentum for the EU referendum and make sure Brexit becomes a reality. Together, we will get our country back.
Nigel Farage
UKIP Leader
UKIP · Lexdrum House, King Charles Business Park, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 6UT, United Kingdom 

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