joi, 31 martie 2016

Sotia liderului ISIS

ISIS leader's ex-wife wants new life in Europe
"I married a normal person, a university lecturer," she said. "He was a family man." She wasn't his only bride; she had to share him with another wife. "He went to work and came home to his family," Dulaimi said. "He was great. He was the children's ideal father. The way he was with children ... he was a teacher -- you know how teachers are. He knew how to deal with children, better than how to deal with the mother." But the two did not talk much like others couples do. The reason? He had a "mysterious personality," Dulaimi answered. And it was difficult being the second wife. "It's hard for two wives to live together," she said. Their union, she said, ended seven years ago. 'I wasn't happy' Read More

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