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ISIS in Rusia


ISIS in Rusia

Good evening, Odorica
Friday, June 26

Russia's North Caucasus

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Russian-speaking militants appear in an Islamic State group propaganda video June 23, 2015. The extremist group declared a new so-called wilayat, or province, in the North Caucasus region of Russia. Al-Furat Media
How Russian Militants Declared A New ISIS 'State' In Russia's North Caucasus
International Business Times
The Islamic State group announced the creation of its northernmost province this week, after accepting a formal pledge of allegiance from former al Qaeda militants in the North Caucasus region of Russia. An Islamic State wilayat, or province, in the autonomous republics of the country’s south may seem far-fetched, but the militant group has been preparing to announce its branch in the Caucasus for months. With the addition of what it calls Wilayat Qawqaz, or Caucasus Province, in a heavily Muslim region of Russia, the group formerly known as either ISIL or ISIS has now declared it has provinces in nine countries outside Iraq and Syria. Read More

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